Meteo Fusion

Meteo Fusion

Check weather conditions from your desktop


  • Customizable interface
  • 10-day weather forecast


  • Only tracks one location at a time


If you want to know what the weather is like out there you only need to open the window and see for yourself. But you can save yourself that hard task –and get some cool extra functionality- with Meteo Fusion.

This nice application displays the current weather in your location (just one single city at a time) in a widget-style window that stays on your Desktop. This window supports transparency effect and can be customized with skins and icon sets. Plus, the weather conditions are updated according to the lapse of time set in preferences.

Still, the best feature in Meteo Fusion is the weather forecast tool included in the program, which enables you to check general conditions, maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation probability and other details for the next ten days.

Meteo Fusion gives you valuable weather information and includes a highly detailed 10-day forecast.

Meteo Fusion is a piece of meteorological software that helps you to know the weather in many towns across the world providing you with information about the temperature, amount of sunshine, wind speed… all with a complete forecast for the next ten days.

The GUI is extremely intuitive: select which city’s weather you want to know, click on “Refresh” and the software will take care of the rest to display the information you need.

You can close the main window and thanks to its automatic update feature, Meteo Fusion will keep working in the background. This places a changing icon close to Windows’ clock to display the current temperature, according to the weather.

Moreover, you can make Meteo Fusion match your desktop thanks to its skins support. It enables you to have a widget-like window delivering you up-to-date information about the weather.

Last but not least, Meteo Fusion is multi-lingual (can easily be translated into new languages) and supports plug-ins which means you can add new functions very easily.

Meteo Fusion


Meteo Fusion

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